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Breakthrough with ABS on “No Religion” Census question . . .

Congratulations to ABS for their 5.8.14 ‘on-line trial’ of census data, in preparation for 2016.  On Question 22 they broke with tradition and listed ‘No Religion’ first on the issue of Religious Affiliation.  In 2011 the Christian/non-religious split was 61.1% to 22.3%.  In New Zealand the split is 47% to 41.9% non-religious – where they list ‘No Religion’ first.  We trust ABS will hold it’s nerve in the face of Christian lobbying, to ensure Australia reflects a more accurate figure of its secular worldview, but the RSA report is encouraging.

See Media Release and ABC Radio Interview. and RSA report.

Our primary aim is to promote critical thinking in all things — particularly with religion and the supernatural. People of reason delight in the natural world and cosmos as it really is, without mythic beliefs in paranormal entities. Belief in any god is taught — it depends entirely on which country, culture or family one is born into.
The scientific method with its rigorous checks and balances explains the evolution of all life and the universal laws of physics; it does not rely on ancient scripture.  Science has a healthy mistrust of the human capacity for self-deception.  Instead it predicts, tests and peer-reviews; to verify facts and evidence.

Faith in the thousands of gods throughout history has been “belief without evidence“.  It takes courage to confront a childhood faith. We trust the videos, links, Articles and Snapshots here will help in coming to terms with reality.  Evidence, logic and reason (and neuroscience) explains why religion is purely a “state of mind”.

Religion does not have exclusivity on morality, education, truth or compassion.  21st century Australia must move into the future with secular, humanist values that embrace optimism, charity and egalitarianism.

“education must overcome ignorance – not validate it”